Tech Tips Everyone Should Know

July 13, 2011

1.     Make sure you know your product manual inside and out before operating your product.

2.       Have back up supplies such as fuel and filters in case of an emergency and you can’t run out to get them.

3.       Keep your generator in a dry area and make sure it’s clean.  Getting dirt or water in your generator can cause unnecessary problems.

4.       Be aware of your warranty expiration date and know the procedure if you transfer ownership of your equipment.

5.       Many replacement parts for your Apache equipment can be found at your local Apache Service Centers.

6. Check the overall condition of your equipment at least twice a year.  If you find loose wires or bolts it could be time for a service checkup.

7. When trying to find the serial number on your Apache product, it is going to the very last line of number and letters you see and is typically  located near the side of the motor.

8. Keep your generator in a safe place at least 15 ft. away from your home or business.

9. Turn off all equipment powered by your generator before turning the generator on/ off.

10. You can damage your generator by overloading it. Know your needed wattage.  Only plug in essential items.


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