Safety First

July 20, 2011

Safety is very important when it comes to generators and other power equipment.  Reading the product manual is the number one thing you should do before operating the machinery.  Here are some quick tips that will help you stay safe around your generator:

  • Generators let out poisonous carbon monoxide gas when on.  This is very dangerous considering you cannot see or smell this gas.  Make sure your generator is at least 15 feet away from the buildings or windows and that it is never placed indoors.
  • Do not put your generator cord directly into a wall outlet.  This could cause electrocution.  Plug appliances into the generator individually and make sure you are using a heavy duty outdoor cord.
  • If you are planning on plugging your generator into your home’s wiring system, hire an electrician to make sure it satisfies the safety requirements for your home.
  • Do not overload your generator.  Make sure you are not going over the top wattage of the machine.  Overloading could cause a fire in the power cord.
  • Check if your generator is properly grounded.  Referring back to your trusted safety manual is going to be your best bet.
  • When your generator has been running for a long time, it could end up burning your skin if you touch it.  Make sure the generator has cooled down before you move it.  Place your hand approximately 3 inches above the machine, if you are feeling the heat let it stand until cooled.

I hope you have found these safety tips helpful.  Generators have great benefits when power outages effect your home, just make sure you are safety and properly using it.  Refer to your product manual for additional support.Apache Power Industrial Gas Generator


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